Our Tradition:

Ace Boxing Club was started by Mr. Del Porter in 1960 on Milwaukee’s south side in order to teach the youth of the neighborhood discipline. He’d say “If you’re a winner inside the ring, you can be a winner outside the ring”
Del Porter himself came from a tradition of boxing, as his father Teddy “Cyclone” Porter was a professional boxer with an outstanding record of about 160 wins and 8 losses.
Mr. Del Porter, following in his father’s legacy, opened the Ace Boxing Club and established it as a Milwaukee landmark over the next 40 years. Sadly, Del Porter, always the fighter, finally lost the battle to cancerĀ at the ripe old age of 74.
Del Porter and Frank Porter, his son and current owner of Ace Boxing Club

Del Porter’s son, Frank decided to continue his family’s boxing lineage and keep the gym going and it’s still here to this day.

Our Teaching:

To discover the champion in us all, we work to be the best boxers and people we can be!
Whether we're going 3 rounds with the heavy bag...
Whether we’re going 3 rounds with the heavy bag…


Or cleaning up trash around the neighborhood,
Or cleaning up trash around the neighborhood…


We do it for the community, as a community!