Why Us?

Why Box?

  1. We teach values! 

    We teach amateur boxing to instruct sportsmanship values of conditioning a positive release of frustrations and energy, as well as building self-confidence and character.

  2. It’s a great workout! 

    Trust us, boxing training works the entire body and it works it HARD. That doesn’t mean anyone can’t do it though, we make sure that anyone who wants to train will be kept safe and sound!

  3.  Get good and travel!

    Once Ace boxers reach a certain level in their training, they may have the opportunity to travel and compete! We have a whole shelf of trophies of Golden Glove Winners on both the local and national level!

    It's this shelf!
    It’s this shelf!

Why Us?

  1. (Again) We teach values!

    Other boxing gyms teach aggression and being a “tough guy” by hurting people. We believe there’s too much of that kind of attitude in the world, so instead, we teach our students to be tough by having respect and discipline!

  2. We’ve been doing this for longer than anyone!

    Ace Boxing Club is the oldest boxing club in the whole state of Wisconsin, over 50 years of teaching and tradition! We know what we’re doing and we swear to keep you safe.

  3. Community and volunteers!

    We are a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is completely funded by Frank Porter and charitable donations! That means that our mission is based on the love for teaching that the Porter family has, and not on greed. 

How Much Does Training Cost?

That’s easy to answer! There’s a one-time suggested donation of $40 to pay for equipment…
AND THAT’S IT! Show up for as many days, weeks, months and years as you like after that!